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Satanic Cigar

Ed Cigar
8 March
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I don't have much to say, but what the hell. I love sports (baseball and football the most), but music is my passion in life. Drums are my first love but guitar is also very dear to me. Perfect Crime is the name of the band, learn to love it. The coolest bands are below, but there's a bunch I can't list because I'm lazy. I like all forms of music imaginable, something I'm very proud of. Right now, the genre I'm into the most is metal. But I also enjoy hair metal, punk, alternative (90's mostly), ska, classic rock, R&B, goth, industrial, swing, jazz, blues, bluegrass, and rap. That's it. Go Cowboys, Knicks, Yankees, & Islanders. Stay metal.
3 inches of blood, 311, ac/dc, aerosmith, alice in chains, american nightmare, animal crossing, anime, anthrax, avenged sevenfold, bad religion, balzac, big butts, billy joel, black flag, black label society, black sabbath, boobs, brides of destruction, bruce springstein, buttermilk pancakes, cake, catch 22, cheap trick, chick from otep, children of bodom, clash, coheed and cambria, cold water, collective soul, concerts, creedence clearwater revival, d.r.i., danzig, dead kennedys, death angel, def leppard, dimmu borgir, disturbed, dokken, dr. chud, dr. dre, dreamtheater, drinking, dropkick murphys, drugs, drums, ecw, eric clapton, exodus, family guy, fata, flogging molly, foreigner, fozzy, george thoroughgood, goth chicks, green day, gto, guns n' roses, h.i.m., halford, hate, hic-a-doo-la, hootie & the blowfish, horrorpops, iced earth, iron maiden, japan, jimi hendrix, johnny cash, journey, judas priest, kisses, kix, kung fu, l.a. guns, led zeppelin, less than jake, love, manga, manowar, martial arts, meatloaf, megadeath, metal church, metallica, misfits, motley crue, motorhead, mr. big, music in general, nerve agents, nofx, nwa, offspring, old school rap, overkill, ozzy, pantera, papa roach, pink floyd, poetry, poison, pro wrestling, quagmire, queensryche, quiet riot, ramones, rancid, reel big fish, reverend horton heat, rings of saturn, sex, shadows fall, simpsons, skid row, skindred, slayer, sleep, social distortion, spin doctors, spinal tap, stuck mojo, sublime, super mario, symphony x, t-shirts, talking heads, tesla, testament, the beatles, the damned, tiger army, tom petty, type o negative, unwritten law, van halen, velvet revolver, warrant, wednesday 13, wesley willis, where's waldo, white zombie, y2j, zakk wilde