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Ed Cigar

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re: recent events [30 Dec 2012|06:14am]
please note: this is not intended to be an op-ed piece or anything else of the sort. it has been a long time since i wrote anything for the hell of it. understand that this is merely a simple reaction from someone relatively uninspired, but with a small point to make.

also please note: i wrote some of this when i was drunk, and then edited it when i was drunk again. sorry. but i suppose it doesn't matter. i'm posting this here because i'm fairly sure no one reads this anymore. but in case anyone does, this is the reasoning. the majority was written on 12/21/12

tonight, i got home and simply tried to watch a football game. instead, i was tuned into a "special report" from our president about the events that occurred this weekend. apart from sports, it is rare that i watch television and the main purpose aside from personal enjoyment is a little bit of escapism. i think that rings true for more people than myself, and for most it happens more frequently. i know, it's frivolous to complain about such a thing. it didn't really bother me that much, i just don't want to here it. while i was not pleased, i just turned the tv off rather than complain.

that itself is something i don't think enough people do, but it seems to me that most people have opinions when something like this happens that are rather instantaneous. we saw it with 9/11; how many folks were so gung-ho about going to war and were so embarrassed by the result that they pretend they never were? while it's something of a different sort, a lot of people spout off opinions without researching or understanding the situation

i am not in favor of "gun control" in the sense that citizens are prevented from owning them. but it would be ridiculous to blindly support gun ownership for all or assault weapons for everyone. in new jersey, as well as a few other states, there are state enacted "assault weapon bans" since the federal act that represented such a thing nationally has expired. you cannot purchase automatic or semi-automatic weapons in this state. that doesn't mean you can't still get them.

like in columbine, the weapons used this weekend were not legally owned by their operators. hell, those kids made their own weapons as far as explosives go (and some didn't work). and i can't even believe i'm talking about gun control. it's just pointless. listen, i understand we don't want children, the retarded or mentally ill, or terrorists to have guns. but let's face it: when you're dealing with someone who doesn't think rationally or whose goal is ultimately illegal, nothing will stop those people from breaking the law. weed, cocaine, and heroin are all illegal as can be, but i'm pretty sure i can get anything you need by tomorrow. and i don't even do drugs.

point is, we're in a sticky situation. americans want stricter laws but not at the sacrifice of constitutional rights. people don't want kids to have guns in schools, but some are okay with teachers having guns. some think that by making them illegal, it will stop gun crime altogether (wrong). while it might seem like a black and white issue, it's a pretty close call.

i'll be the first to admit, i know nothing about guns. i'm not a gun enthusiast or a hunter. the only thing close i've fired is a flare gun. but i'll be damned if i'm going to say that no one should be allowed to have them. and i'm even less inclined to say that the only ones who should have them are the military & the police. in that case, we're going down a slippery slope that can end very badly. but it's true that america's fascination with firearms is kind of worrisome. we have a major gun crime issue in this country, but we're also one of the largest, freest countries in the world. more people means more instances of almost everything documentable.

one thing i hope most everybody agrees with is that it's not music, movies, or video games that do this to people. i know plenty of people who love gory movies, violent video games, and listen to music with graphic language. and to the best of my knowledge, none of them have gone on a killing spree. but put them in the hands of someone who is unstable or can't differentiate fantasy from reality, and you may have a problem. but even in these extreme cases, the influence solely from these forms of media have a minimal impact at best. it's just another bunch of bullshit for the media to dedicate an episode of 20/20 on.

so what's the answer? i have no clue at all. but there's a few things i'm positive of. for one, a gun does not have a brain to pull its' own trigger and kill someone. only an operator has that kind of power. and to punish responsible gun owners doesn't seem fair. kind of like when teachers kept you from recess for 5 extra minutes because of two or three assholes who wouldn't shut the hell up in class. except if you missed 5 minutes of recess, it wouldn't be unconstitutional. but those who we must limit access to firearms won't always be swayed from getting their hands on them at one point or another. and there's not a whole lot anyone can do to prevent that, except lock everyone even remotely suspicious and thereby creating an even more slippery slope to life in the states.

i don't have answers. i'll just say that if we all just stopped the bullshit and looked at each other in a little less hostile a light, maybe we wouldn't have these issues. but i'm pretty sure there's no set limit to any amount of bullying, e-bullying, peer pressure or any other media inspired bullshit that could've motivated me to do anything nearly as horrifying as what happened in CT. while we don't all have to be the best of friends, it would be much easier if we weren't all such complete assholes to each other. the internet, social media, and instant gratification of this shitty youtube/twitter generation has made everyone into a "self-educated" critic that always knows what's best instead of offering their opinion in a constructive way. we're all guilty of this, but some just go way too far, without taking any consideration to the real people they may be destroying on the other side of the screen.

in other words, i don't take the internet seriously. if i did, we might all be dead by now.

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[01 Apr 2008|02:22am]
i love you bitches.

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The Return [25 Oct 2005|07:44pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hey Hey Hey. Guess who motherfuckers?!

Yep, it's me. Wow, I just looked over some stuff. I realize now what a pain in the ass I've been all these years. Jesus, what a pussy! Anyway, how the hell are you, LiveJournal? It's been since before last Christmas since I did this shit. That's also the last time I cut my hair! Time sure does fly. Here's a quick run through of my year.

In Feb, I met a true love, twas not to be. She was lovely, but there was too much for her someplace else. That's okay, because I still really care about her, but I understand what happened. I didn't like it, but whatever. That lasted two months, almost three actually, before I cut all ties. That's the only way to get things done sometimes. Summer started out with that, but ended with me playing the field. It was a good summer, so I can't complain. June is all a blur simply because I was gone almost every day. It was good, but I wouldn't want to do it again. Depression brings binges, though, you know?

So, in July, I remembered who I was and started out with the concert front. I saw quite a few this year, but no as much as last summer. Since Feb. - L.A. Guns, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden (at Ozzfest), Social Distortion, Testament, Megadeth, Dreamtheater, Bamboozle (Catch 22, Kane Hodder [they suck], Armor for Sleep, Boys Night Out, Alkaline Trio, My Chemical Romance), Warped Tour (Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Transplants, a few others I can't recall), Motley Crue (about 20 minutes after we left Warped Tour!!), Danzig, Brides of Destruction, Dropkick Murphys, Gilby Clarke, Marshall Tucker Band, W.A.S.P., Stephen Pearcy, Fozzy, Papa Roach, Skindred, Tesla, Less Than Jake, Velvet Revolver, and Michale Graves. I still got a few more coming up.

Springsteen and Jovi I already have tix to. Got free tix to Hawthorne Heights too, but I dunno about that one. Dropkicks, Bad Religion, Aerosmith, FATA, Coheed & Cambria, H.I.M., and Reel Big Fish are all within a month from now. And this Saturday and Monday, THE MISFITS~! motherfuckers. Its bout to get crazy in this bitch. also, Yngwie, Journey, Collective Soul, Disturbed, Blackmore's Night, and CHILDREN OF BODOM all coming up. It's gonna be good. I'm gonna waste soooo much money.

I am also goin to the Jets/San Diego game in two weeks. it's gonna be brutal but I haven't been to an NFL game in something like 13 years. that was another good part of summer: I got to go to three yankee games this year; vs. seattle, vs. cleveland, and vs. BOSTON. that was a rough one. it was awesome though. also got to go to a few minor leauge baseball games. if you've never been, you must. you just go get plastered and/or act like a jackass. we always cheer for the oppositing team, and it's funny how much people get offended. funny stuff.

uh, what else? band stuff was slow this year. we recorded some more, but it wasn't as strong as the first time. we redid "rescued" though and it sounds killer now. with everyone off at school and stuff, and me not going to school this semester, i'm bored musically. thats why i am now playing bass in a misfits side project. joe is also in a misfits side project which i find humorous as hell because we're not in the same one. it's him, tom montiero, bill gotta, and joey gotta. from what i understand they're playing a show on friday at bill's college (aka the bat mansion from batman forever). free food/drinks/entertainment. it should be good. in any case, i'm still writing but i'm trying to decide what things to contribute to the band and which to keep for something else i got planned.. we'll see..

yeah, that may be it. well, probably not, it's just that i can't remember too much else. working constantly and without a serious girlfriend, i'm much richer. woo hoo. ah well. we'll see ya soon.

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pictures and stuff [18 Dec 2004|01:36pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

woo, I'm feeling good. it's the most terrible time of the yeeeear. me and joe just jammed out some stuff and we decided to screw around with the digicamera so here's some stuff:

PicturesCollapse )

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R.I.P. [09 Dec 2004|02:13pm]
[ mood | sad ]

That just about sums it up. It's a sad day for me, and all metal fans.

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Fuck Life [05 Dec 2004|02:45am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Wow, I am pissed. Or I just was.. You see, I was writing on this very journal when my foot grazed the surge protector under the desk, turning off my computer. I only had about a paragraph written so nothing really that bad, but I got so pissed (because it's been happening a lot) that I got up and kicked the front of my computer. I jammed the floppy disk drive about 2 inches inside the computer and it won't come out now. Oh well, I don't use it. But fuck, that's some anger.

Anyway, as I was about to write, I have finally just about come over the illness that threatened to take my life as well as Joe, Andra, Chrissy, Fulcrum, Verdi, and Rob Moore. So, take that JJ Bitting, we're coming for you. Fuck man, I never felt so bad in my life. I haven't been legitimately sick in a long time, so it kinda caught me off guard, and of course spewing for the first time in god knows how long. I was also going to say before I got cut off that I haven't really updated in awhile so I guess I should.

Fucking A, other than that illness, I haven't been all that great either. I finally went back to work on Thursday which meant another $60 payday, plus about $40 in tips. So not that bad, but when you figure in I have a credit card bill to pay off and Christmas shopping that has yet to be started, it is very bad. So, if you're on my list this year you might want to wait on my gift because you might not get it until 2005. Sorry, but I am fucking poor. Anyway, I did have one gift already picked out, but who knows if I see that person even remotely soon. Oh yeah, and school still sucks. And that's that.

The nightlife this week is great. I've been to the Reo a whopping 4 times. I am ready to commit suicide very soon. It's pretty funny actually as the other night I went insane and ripped out Monterio's head rests and beat the fuck out of him and Joe with them. Apparently not the best thing to do as Joe flipped the fuck out and beat the Jesus out of us. This was all at about 2 AM. On Thursday night... fuck. One night me and Tucker talked about band stuff, which is always an interesting conversation. I have been back to writing music and whatnot. Oh yeah, thanks to those who commented on my lyrics (no thanks to those on LJ of course). If you didn't know, it's a fast song. Kind of hard to imagine really but once you hear it you will understand. I have another faster Misfits type song but I don't know where to go with it really. It's so damn simple.

One thing that has been bothering me about that stuff is that our songs are so fucking easy that I can literally pick them out on guitar without knowing the tabs. So, I want to try to make things seem more complicated than they actually are by adding multiple breaks and changes. I have the general idea for that last song I posted but again hard to sing along with the rythym if you don't really know what the fuck is going on or don't know the words. So, that's something to work on. Joe has also been writing his ass off coming up with some cool stuff, which may at first seem more suited for a break or something, but if you play with them a little on guitar, it works out really good. Cicchi has supposedly been digging out solo stuff which I have yet to see, so I hope he's been writing as well. I started recording myself playing, and I'm not a very good guitarist but I do have some good ideas here and there. So it's just a matter of picking the riffs out really.

I am also toying with the idea of putting both of my drumkits together and have a crazy ass super set. It would be weird as hell but probably fucking cool as hell, too. So we'll see. I think I need a new guitar. I like the Epiphone but I want something a bit more non-entry level. Something good. Christmas is coming!

Acutally I think my parents are done shopping for me. All I think they got me is a hi-hat and a stereo. That's all well and good, but I would rather recieve like 10 small things (CD's, DVD's, etc) than two big things. It's just the way my mind works. I'm always satisfied with what people give me really. It means a lot that you actually go out of your way and get me something. It says you care. So care about me and give me stuff. Ha, but remember to get mine last. Otherwise I might not have yours yet.

FUCK. I am bored. I just got back from fucking around town with Fitz. Haven't seen that kid in a week, so we ate at McDonalds (where they hassled me over money) and then to the dreaded mall which wasn't as bad as I thought. Packed to hell, but much easier to get around than I would've imagined. Looked at jewelry and stuff. Fuck..

I need to get another job I think. There's not enough at this one alone, so I might start another during Winter Break. We'll see.

How's life? Mine sucks. Actually not bad, but I have been pretty depressed lately. This cycle of steaming liquid shit is all starting up again and low and fucking behold it's Christmas time again! The most wonderful time of the year has never been one of much high standing in my book. I thought it would be different this year but alas Baby Jesus strikes again. Something is seriously wrong with me. Was I fooled again? Was it all a facade? Maybe, but one thing is for damn sure, my feelings weren't a lie so my heart is fooled maybe more than my head. Hard to think of this stuff now, but what can you do? Just cut yourself again and go on living this miserable hell that is my life.

(sigh) So ... how bout that internet? I hear they got some pretty neat things on that internet...

Well, onto a topic that I've been laughing about for days: The Steroid Situation. It has (at least to me) never been a secret that professional athletes have always used steriods at one point or another. Jose Canseco, Ken Caminiti, and the latest culprits, Jason Giambi, Barry Bonds, and Marion Jones. I have really no problems with a loser who uses steroids, but if you're in a big spot like Bonds where you will hold the most coveted record in all of Baseball and it is discovered you used steroids the punishment should be more severe. It proves to me that no matter how good you could've been, you're not better than Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth because they didn't use "performance enchancing drugs". So all that talk about how Bonds is the best player EVER is all bullshit now. He just ruined it. His numbers are ridiculous but we'll never know if he would have the same stats if he didn't do steroids. I always thought he was a good player from back in the day, but it's so obvious when you look at his physique that he did it (his head is huge)! Giambi, too, was so jacked that you knew something was in his coffee in the morning, and it wasn't artifical sweetener.

What should baseball do with them? When you are going to be a legend as unfortunately Bonds will be, I think you should allow them into the Hall of Fame but not for awhile and then allow something on his plaque that explains he used this stuff. The record should be thrown out (but that's just because I hate Bonds) and he shouldn't get any record at all because he cheated. It's no different that saying Pete Rose was justifibly banned from baseball. I don't want to hear any purists say this shit is okay because he didn't know they were steroids (which is bullshit). Giambi should be fined ridiculously or something, just because he's a jackass. And of course Olympic medalists like Jones should have thier medals confiscated and stricken from the record books. I seem a bit militant, but I don't think steroids are ever a very good idea, and if you take them you must not care for yourself a whole lot. And if you don't care about yourself, what should make me think you care about the game?

So in summary, Bonds should die, I hate life again, I'll live with it, Christmas is coming, Jesus hates Carlos Santana, and I have more CD's. That's it, see you later.

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roar [30 Nov 2004|06:07pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Man, being sick sucks the big one. I've been laying around for like 4 days now, and I finally feel a bit better. I think it might have been JJ Bitting as Joe had some slight food poisoning. I felt pretty bad since Sunday morning, so I think I'll sue them big time. Anyway not being able to move all that well has left me with very little to do, so in this time I wrote a few songs. Here's one that I've had the idea for awhile ago. I started it in History class one day, and it's about done except for a few lines an a break riff. Let me know what you think. Check it out:

Yesterday things were better
Life it mattered or whatever
We walked the park
when night was thick as leather

But today well that's all done
and this world's not all that fun
Hard to hang on to something
when you're always on the run

Ya tell me there's not much I can do
So why it is that all I seem to think is you

Whenever I see you
You've got tears in your eyes
Whenever I see you
Something inside me dies

Yesterday my heart seemed lighter
And the future looked a lot brighter
Even the present hell I'm in
seemed a lot higher

But once again I'm left with nothing
Except this senseless need of wanting
But for one more chance
I'd give you anything

And tomorrow's supposed to be a brighter day
But it's hard to tell if this rain will ever go away

Whenever I see you
I can't help but stare too much
Whenever I see you
I can't help but care too much

All I got's your blood on my fingers
And a lonely song that lingers
It keeps alive the love of the past

Inside my head somebody sings
A song about flyin' on angel's wings
I think you made it there at last

(Break, Solo)

I'm waiting for you to call my name
So you can kiss away that pain
I'm not the guy I used to be

But once I'm done then you will see
What you've always meant to me
And life will never be the same

Whenever I see you
I can't help but think too much
But whenever I see you
I can't help but drink too much

(Chorus and stuff)
(3x) Your blood on my Fingers
And my blood on your...

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Wow [22 Nov 2004|11:36pm]
[ mood | SMOKIN!! ]

Look at all the crap I have:


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LiveJournal Sucks [21 Nov 2004|01:31pm]
[ mood | SMOKIN'! ]

As anyone who watches sports, even casually, can tell you, this weekend has had its share of brawling. On Friday night, the Pacers and Pistons game was called due to a massive player/fan brawl. The next day, Clemson and South Carolina's game was ended in a on-field melee that involved numerous law enforcement officers. This game was also Lou Holtz's last game as head coach, and it is a goddamn disgrace to him that this had to happen. A classy guy doesn't deserve that. But let me just give a little opinion on this matter.

Violence in sports should be a given. If they know a game is going to be excessively violent, then you also have to know that eventually that violence won't be contained. Security is a big isssue, especially in basketball, one pro sport where fans are closest to the action. Let me say a few things about these players.. First off, yes, Ben Wallace did over-react. It was a blatant foul, and maybe he just took exception to it because of something else that happened in the game. Who knows? The only fact is there wasn't a lot from the other Pistons in this mess. Wallace started it, and it was calmed down rather quickly. Here is the part I need to really emphasize. While Ron Artest was laying on the scoring table, someone threw a beer at him. He then ran this guy down and shoved him, and while being restrained by other fans and team-mates, another fan threw a beer in his face. This prompted Stephon Jackson to punch the guy before the players came back to the court and eventually got to the locker room, but not before Jermaine O' Neal got in a hellacious hit on some other dude. Okay, here's my problems..

As a professional athlete, you're expected to maintain a level of professionalism; that's why you got this far. Maybe it's just the way I've viewed Ron Artest lately, what with the R&B album promotion, but give me a break. You went out of your goddamn way, shoving fans and jumping over tables just to get this one insignificant bastard who is just a little jerk. You are twice his size and have to smack him around? I'm not saying 'don't get pissed' because I would be too. But this is just stupid. Athletes get garbage thrown at them time and time again. I've seen it in hockey (a far more violent sport), basketball, baseball, older football games, and wrestling. This is the first time I've ever seen that. I don't care if it was a spur of the moment thing or not, be smart enough not to piss off a crowd that is hostile (or will be if you smack a fan) and then not expect to get more shit thrown at you!

Stephon Jackson and Jermaine O' Neal I can at least try to go with. Jackson was trying to get some fucker away from his team mate. I don't know if you had to punch the guy, but who knows what would happen next. O Neal I can most sympathize with because the fans were on the court at the time and they were just trying to get out. You need to protect the guys on your team, especially the smaller guys like assistant coaches, water boys, just to be sure that no one gets hurt.

Here's what kind of annoys me: a few months ago, Milton Bradley got CRUCIFIED for throwing a plastic bottle at the ground when someone threw it from the stands after an error. They flipped the fuck out when he did that and all you hear is that he needs anger management and that he should be SUSPENDED. He threw a fucking plastic bottle at the floor! WTF!? All I've heard is that Artest was going to be suspended, not that he should be. So when it is okay just to yell at fans and okay to smack the shit out of them?

I am definitely not placing all blame on Artest. The fans are most certainly at fault here. As a fan, you bought a ticket that entitles you to fuck around, yell stuff, heckle the players, and have a good time. When you start to get physical with the players, then we have a problem. Of course, there are different levels of physicality. Punching a player and throwing beer at him is totally different. Despite what you think, throwing a plastic cup or bottle isn't assult. You are in no immediate bodily threat and there is a good chance that malice is not involved. Even so, how much damage can a plastic cup do? That being said, I think eye for an eye in that situation. If a fan punches you, you have to defend yourself, so punch him back. If a fan throws a beer, all you can really do is throw a beer back. If you do anymore, you're at fault.

Something else, as already stated. There's any given amount of 15-20,000 fans in that arena and there's about 20 guys on your bench. If you think you are going to leave something like that unscathed you're dumber than you look, which probably is pretty dumb. And I don't want to hear this shit about Detriot fans because that would've happened ANYWHERE. I guaren-damn-tee you any other fucking place, the fans would've reacted the same damn way. So, fuck all that. Fans are dumbasses around the country. And Detriot fans aren't the worst with violence. Chicago, New York, and LA have the most violent fans, possibly ever.

The point is this is one of the crappiest things the NBA has ever been involved in. It's a bit embaressing, but everyone will be disciplined pretty excessively I'm sure. It does suck, but disappointment comes with being a sports fan, something Rob knows a lot about!!

In other news, apparently, I'm a sucker for a pretty face, that's why I'm fricken in loaf. I miss yooooou!!! FOOL! It's not too bad, I've been in a pretty damn good mood lately. Also this week, I opened up two bank accounts. Gotta start saving, Christmas is coming. That sucks. All people not related to me: Don't expect your gifts until like January. I will have no money until then. So, please be patient, you'll get one but it'll take awhile. Let's see, uh. Apparently we're playing a show next Saturday someplace with Chuck D or something. I don't really know, but we're scheduled. So Fucking A. That should be good, let's see what else..

I bought an assload of CD's for the first time in like 2 weeks, and that's ungodly for me. Got Dio's Greatest Hits, Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East, Blues Traveler - Straight Through Morning, Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird: The Movie Soundtrack, Beach Boys' Greatest Hits, EDGUY - Burning Down the Opera, and Whitesnake's Greatest Hits. Fucking A! Possibly more I left out.. The most I bought in a while, but all of them were about 4 dollars each. Soooo, that's pretty good. uh.. I don't really remember other stuff.. Oh wait I also bought two cool ass DVD's this week. I got Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 3 and it's fucking weird as shit but still funny as fuck. And I also got the Rise and Fall of ECW, which is just ungodly. It's like 6 hours long. If you enjoy ECW even remotely, this DVD is just cool to help you understand the roots of the company. The only thing I didn't like is they leave a lot of upper-card guys out like Balls Mahoney, Jerry Lynn, Super Crazy, Justin Credible, and Tajiri. It's pretty suck, but there's nothing else to complain about. It's a solid DVD set.

FUCK! The Cowboys offically suck this year. Damnit. They controlled the entire 1st half, 3-0. Then the Ravens beat the piss out of us the entire second half. FUCK! The only good thing to come out of this is they put Drew Henson in during the last drive and he got his first touchdown pass. Vinnie Testaverde sucks. I don't care what you say, the fucker turns the ball over so fucking much. DAMN HIM. Unfortunately I'm wearing his jersey right now; I think I'll burn it soon. Julius Jones also came back and tore it up today. That's a good sign. Some actual running game. The Lions also just lost while they were beating the Vikings for awhile. I think the Jets lost to the Browns, and that's pretty sad. No, wait... they won, 10-7. That's not good. Titans beat Jags, good. Fuck you Jaguar! Buffalo won again. That's cool.. Fucking A, now I will actually root for Washington against the Eagles. And hope the Giants beat the Falcons because I hate both McNabb and Vick. But hopefully, everyone dies, especially Eli Manning. So fuck.. we'll see.

One more thing: Mark Slaughter sucks.

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Holy Christwagons! [16 Nov 2004|07:12pm]
Collective Soul just came out with a new CD!! Holy fuck!

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Some stuff... [14 Nov 2004|07:51pm]
don't break me down i'm not the one to blame
and if you knew that you wouldn't know my name
but i'm just another guy that seems to walk along
that road of life alone and singin' my song

i can't give ya anything cause i got nothing to give
but i do got something baby this life is mine to live
and living ain't so hard without you fucking up my head
but i'd be lying if i said i want someone else instead

so won't ya just listen to me and give me an honest opinion
don't be shy just let it out cause the world keeps spinnin'
don't be afraid to let me know just what's on your mind
and keep your head held on tight don't ya get sidelined

stop reminding me why i'm here and don't make me wanna leave
if you don't quite get it yet you're my reason to breathe
i don't care what you think just keep on thinkin' that
but i do care about you baby i ain't lying that's a fact

so guess what girl come on i ain't got all day
okay i'll let you know i'm gone til you tell me to stay
cause in case ya didn't know all i really want is you
by some chance of luck i hope you're wanting me too

i want you to be mine
all the time
i want you to be there
i want you to be that one
that can stick around
just be happy baby
just like me

I got really bored just now and I wrote this like a half hour ago. I dunno, kinda similar to what's happening, but not really. I think I'm just bored. Oh well, feel free to steal, augment, put to music, record, and sell.... Actually don't do that... as a matter of fact...

(All lyrics and music written by E. Siregar. 2004©, all rights reserved.)

Ha ha, take that, bastards!!

Let's all get drunk and play ping pong!

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We've Got the Funk [03 Nov 2004|12:42pm]
[ mood | Feelin' Fine ]

Kerry Conceded! WOO! Oh wait... I still don't care. Whoops! Looks like we're in for another four years of me busting balls. But here's a few points about this election year that have pissed me off:

- MTV Nation. First of all, let me say that ever since I went to the Warped Tour, it has become painfully obvious that a movement in pop culture that has been over-exemplified is the utter disdain people have for George Bush. I don't know what the hell it is, but it seems like every queer in a emo/nu-metal band has spoken out against him. Listen to me: I don't care what you think. Generally people like Good Charollette aren't good enough for me to even be around. I'm sorry, but I'm not the only person who thinks P Diddy can go fuck himself. Why would I think that these people, who personality-wise are less than dirt, influence my vote? Am I to actually believe that people like this are genuinely well-informed about key issues and problems? NO. Celebrities and politics should never come together, because they are only concerned with themselves. Not that too many others aren't, but why the hell would a person who makes $5 Million per movie give a damn about tax cuts? Case in point, "Vote or Die"? I think I'd rather die than be involved with this democratic process.

- The Youth Vote. Kind of ties in with the MTV thing but the biggest concern to me is this: I have had kids younger than I am, who can't even participate, telling me to go vote on November 2. And this concerns me why? Because it has never been so clear that impartial coverage of this election was non-existant. Not only do people encourage their kids based on their own belief, but the news organizations are doing it for the bad parents too! It doesn't make any sense. People generally see me as a liberal, because I was originally very against W. But keep this in mind, while every one was saying I was a moron for not wanting to go to war, entertainers like the Dixie Chicks were being crucified over it. Today, they're revered by millions simply because of it. Now that Bush has become such an anti-christ in a young society I actually favor him more.

- Those who won't admit fault. Now I've said that people view me as a liberal, but I think I'm more of a moderate. I really don't care for either of the candidates too much, but I believe that both had good qualities about them, and of course both had bad qualities. I don't have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with a Right Wing scumbag who says Bush never did anything wrong, or the Left Wing jackass who claims Bush never did anything right. It's just dumb!! There's no reason to believe anything anyone tells you nowadays! Everyone is so self motivated - the only way you can really know the issues is if you look for the cold hard facts with no other outside sources influencing it. And that may be the hardest thing to do EVER. If you support your candidate that is all well and fine by me, but don't be a goddamn facist and tell me why I'm wasting my vote by voting for someone who doesn't share your view. I've got three words for that: Freedom of Choice. And finally...

- American Politics. This has been one of the worst elections I have ever seen. Granted I've actually paid attention to three, but still, I think among smear tactics and mudslinging, this is the dirtiest election I've witnessed. Not only did so many other factors about each candidate's past and history come up that wasn't even relevant, there was also the huge inaccuracies on behalf of both parties. It made me a little embarressed to be a part of it. Here's a thought: if we're supposed to be in a war, why is there an election going on? In a wartime status, there is no need because if another President were elected it would slow down the process every four years trying to realign war tactics and general ideas of the desired outcome. Why are we having an election? Because there's NO FUCKING WAR going on. It is a military action. A war is when two sides attack each other repeatedly. They attacked us once, and we've been attacking them ever since. And who are they really? Iraqis? Afaghans? No, terrorists! Ah, the terrorists that are so easily identifiable that a person other than a Middle Easterner can in no way be involved. Oh you silly Americans, why, even American citizens are joining the fight FOR terrorism. That seems like a great motivator among the actual population to keep supporting the "war". Freedom is on the march. It's just too bad we're marching over so many innocent corpses.

In the end, I sincerely hope our re-elected President does well in the second term. I mean if you're really a Kerry supporter what do you do now? Do you bitch about it and pout? No, you do what Senator Kerry did, and (as reports say, very classily) with a heavy heart respectfully concede the presidency and wish Georgie luck in the next four years. But of course, you can always go the way of a jackass and hate for no reason. There's nothing else to say about that but grow up. This is democracy in action. Not that your vote means anything really, but in retrospect all democracy is really is participating in government action, which you did when you voted, no matter if it counted or not. Good for those of you who actually voted; me however, decided not to even register. Still, I would have voted for Nader anyway, not that it mattered, because New Jersey will NEVER, NEVER be a swing state. Bush actually came here, and Kerry didn't and he still won it. So what does that say about us? Well, America, hope you're right about this one, let's see where it takes us before the next election. Four more beers!

Hey, here's something before I go, I don't know who the skinheads were voting for, but if you believed in Hitler, Adolf Hilter supposedly went down to his basement and shot himself in the head, so do us a favor: Follow your leader.

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Let it be me [02 Nov 2004|03:42am]
It is 4 AM and I have to get up in about 5 hours to go to work, but what the hell? Saturday night just sucked on so many levels I won't even go there. Little alcohol, just a buzz.. it sucked in a big way. However, Sunday was a good day.. I woke up extra late, which might have accounted for a good portion of my waking up extra early today. Yet, I digress. The first thing I did was walk downstairs to greet the folks with a rousing "Trick or Treat, bitches!" I don't think my mom appreciated that one too much, but whatever, she's cool.

Some of the best news of the day would refer to my sister. Let's explain. Last Tuesday, while I was working, my sis called me and let me know that she was going to move back in on the weekend. Now, normally I wouldn't really have an opinion either way. It's nice she'd be around more but I'm hardly around as it is, so bleh. However, this was big in the sense that I had just about finished the music room, which (if you didn't figure out already) was her room. And obviously there's not a hell of a lot of other rooms she can stay in, so I would have to get rid of most of the stuff. And yet, I didn't get mad or slightly upset. It was just mild annoyance. I just got this damn room the way I want it and she has to move back? Fortunately for me, her and her boyfriend were at the house doing laundry or something. [That's the only time I really see them here.] They seemed on good terms, so when they both left the room I asked my mom if she was still moving in, met with a resounding 'no'. So awesome. Now it can stay as it is, and keep on being the place where most of the magic happens.

Anyway, everybody eventually left, and I was all alone. Alone on Halloween! I guess it beats being alone on say, Christmas or Valentine's Day, but still kinda lonely. So I went out to adventure into the world. Ended up along the lines at Tucker's and watched football. This is where my day got REALLY good. Not only did the Redskins lose and the Cowboys win, but that big piece of trash Tom Brady finally showed the world what he is really made of, and that is a pile of crap! He sucked it up BIG TIME. Possibly the most enjoyable first quarter of football I've seen all year. Brady fumbled, and got two INT's. It was great. Ben Rothlisberger is FOR REAL. If he beats the Eagles next week, I swear on all that is holy I will buy a Rothlisberger jersey. And all that history between Pittsburg and Dallas runs deep, but I don't care. I hate Brady and McNabb more than any quarterbacks EVER. What a day for football baby!

Afterwards, Fitz, Joe, Tuck, and myself had a nice chat outside the Tucker household until we all dispersed. This was possibly the earliest night I've gotten home in a LONG time. Almost years. But when I did get home a had a nice long conversation with a special someone, and unfortunately didn't get to talk to her today. We'll see what tomorrow holds.

Today was also a long day. Woke up early like 3 times. Finally got up at 10.30 and went to class. Fucked around the house around 1.30 and Fitz calls asking if I would go to the DMV with him to get his license restored. So, I didn't have anything to do, so why not? He picked me up and he drove me for the first time ever. I've known him for almost 3 years now. But he hasn't had his license legally in that time either. So we had to go to Eatontown (!) since you can only go there or Trenton to restore 'em. Turns out that there was some BS with the suspension notice, and he couldn't get it back. We stopped for pizza and tried to get Jets/Dolphins tix at CD World in Monmouth, but no luck. He was pretty upset the whole time.

So now it's close to 5, so we killed some time at Coconuts. I picked up the new Green Day for $9 and the Best of Alice Cooper for $8! Hell yeah. I can't wait to hear that one. Went to my lawyer's office next, as Fitz has the same lawyer and they needed to discuss something. Afterwards we tried to get to US Healthcare so he could take a drug test for Target. He got it as a second job doing overnights. We won't see that guy in awhile. Got to Wendy's and met up with Rob and Tuck. From that span, it was about 2 o' clock to 7.30! In the meantime I must have talked to Rob and Bird about 4 or 5 times each. None of the conversations were remotely coherent.

After food, Fitz left to spend time with the lady, and Tuck and Rob went to my house. Played guitar for about 15 minutes. We watched Raw and the MNF game we were supposed to go to. Bastards. We also chatted about weird stuff in Jersey since I had the Weird NJ hardcover book on the nightstand in the music room. There is a lot of interesting stuff in there, but I don't know if I'd ever take the time to find out where they all are, except the ones I know. It'd be fun to go see, but I'm very lazy.

I don't know how it got in there, but "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist" was in the DVD player so we watched it. It is still funny even though I've seen the goddamn thing about 3000 times. The noises they make are so random, but very humorous. At about 12.30, the movie was over, Rob left, and Tuckface and me went to Bird's house to pick up the posters & stuff we left in his car Saturday night. Tucker was with me and the three of us got into a huge conversation again, which didn't end until about 3. So damn. I'm pretty fricken tired, but I gotta work soon.

Hopefully that one I want will brighten up my day tomorrow with a quick convo. :P I'm such a romantic bastard! Don't you love it? See ya.

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Candy Apples and Razorblades [30 Oct 2004|12:46pm]
[ mood | SMOKIN! ]

FUCKING A!! It is so goddamn boring around here. That fucker Rob was supposed to join me on an excursion to Rt. 18, but the fuckface didn't answer his phone. So, I'll stab him at the party tonight. That's what I've got to look forward to: stabbing Rob.

Anyway, I guess I haven't seriously updated current events well enough in the past few entries so here it goes: we haven't done anything special. The End. What a crappy life huh? Yesterday is all I can really remember, I met Tuckface at Guitar Center and grabbed a stand and a strap for my acoustic. We went to Wendy's for something quick to eat, and then met up with Tom, Steph, Rob, and Jay at TGI Fuckface. They went to Chiller Theater (like a horror/sci-fi convention) and met Rudy Ray Moore, for those who are not well versed in his work, the actor who played Dolemite in the infamous movies "The Human Tornado" and "Dolemite: African Jungle Adventure" [or something to that effect]. Apparently, he pulled a total 360 from his on-screen character to his real life persona, and was actually normal, which to me would be a collosal disappointment. I stand in my decision to not spend $10 and go because I'm lazy and don't really care, but it sounded like they had fun. "That's what counts, Sayreville, New Jersey!"

After bitching about Motley Gay, The Doors, and the Pacers we went to drop Steph off and chilled for a little while before Tuck, Tom, and myself went for a ride. Little did we know the insanity that would follow. We hit up Quik Check for some smokes and beverages. Once we got back in the car, we discovered that we had not turned on the radio on the ride there. So, by some hand of God, Tucker turned to 92.3 K-Rock of all channels, and Guns N Roses was playing. But this was not the biggest surprise. The next song.. on K-Rock mind you was.... ANGEL OF DEATH!!!! YEAH! We all went fucking insane and flipped out in the car for like 6 minutes. It was cool. Turns out it was another Metal Meltdown Weekend like they did in summer where they just played good metal for 72 hours straight. HOLY SHIT! I just turned it on and what do I hear but THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! EUROPE MOFUCKAS! Anyway, they played a bunch o' good shit like Skid Row, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Winger, Def Leppard (twice!), and even Danzig. Friday Night Rocks was also on the Q, and then in an unexpected twist, THEY played ANGEL OF DEATH! It was fucking insanity. I went from not hearing Slayer on the radio ever to hearing them twice in one night. They also played Maiden, Saxon, and Iced Earth. It was fucking insane. An awesome night for metal. That was the night. Other than that I really don't remember going out too much.

Well, I guess lately, I've been doing more. At the beginning of the semester I was staying home alot due to the no-money factor, but as time goes by, I find myself spending more and more even though I can't really afford it. I owe about $3000 on my credit card, because of a lot of things.. books, contacts, auto repairs, tires, as well as the $1500 balanace that was already on there. So, hopefully I can get it down to the $2500 credit limit by December.

Speaking of the dreaded month, Christmas is coming. I'll be damned if I'm buying as much as I did last year. There's probably still some of that on my credit card. Everybody that's not in my immediate family will have to wait about a month before I get your gifts to you. And if you don't like it, why don't you just.... FUCK OFF!! (Weeeer werrr wer!)

Halloween is tomorrow, and as previously stated, there are about 10 parties tonight that I've heard of. I might go to a few, hop around and see which one has the best booze. But the one I'll end up at by the end of the night will be Pook's in South Amboy because I already gave beer money, and if I don't get some out of it, I'll be pissed. So, everybody come on down. Hit the cell fuckfaces! We'll get plastered and play ping pong. Otherwise, I'll just send you a postcard. Fucking A, I guess I'll get going to the beer factory to get ready. See some of you tonight, and to the others what da fuck!?

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You have but one question [26 Oct 2004|02:25pm]

This is what I spent a good portion of yesterday working on (Not Seinfeld, but the TV Stand)

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