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Man, being sick sucks the big one. I've been laying around for like 4 days now, and I finally feel a bit better. I think it might have been JJ Bitting as Joe had some slight food poisoning. I felt pretty bad since Sunday morning, so I think I'll sue them big time. Anyway not being able to move all that well has left me with very little to do, so in this time I wrote a few songs. Here's one that I've had the idea for awhile ago. I started it in History class one day, and it's about done except for a few lines an a break riff. Let me know what you think. Check it out:

Yesterday things were better
Life it mattered or whatever
We walked the park
when night was thick as leather

But today well that's all done
and this world's not all that fun
Hard to hang on to something
when you're always on the run

Ya tell me there's not much I can do
So why it is that all I seem to think is you

Whenever I see you
You've got tears in your eyes
Whenever I see you
Something inside me dies

Yesterday my heart seemed lighter
And the future looked a lot brighter
Even the present hell I'm in
seemed a lot higher

But once again I'm left with nothing
Except this senseless need of wanting
But for one more chance
I'd give you anything

And tomorrow's supposed to be a brighter day
But it's hard to tell if this rain will ever go away

Whenever I see you
I can't help but stare too much
Whenever I see you
I can't help but care too much

All I got's your blood on my fingers
And a lonely song that lingers
It keeps alive the love of the past

Inside my head somebody sings
A song about flyin' on angel's wings
I think you made it there at last

(Break, Solo)

I'm waiting for you to call my name
So you can kiss away that pain
I'm not the guy I used to be

But once I'm done then you will see
What you've always meant to me
And life will never be the same

Whenever I see you
I can't help but think too much
But whenever I see you
I can't help but drink too much

(Chorus and stuff)
(3x) Your blood on my Fingers
And my blood on your...
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