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The Return

Hey Hey Hey. Guess who motherfuckers?!

Yep, it's me. Wow, I just looked over some stuff. I realize now what a pain in the ass I've been all these years. Jesus, what a pussy! Anyway, how the hell are you, LiveJournal? It's been since before last Christmas since I did this shit. That's also the last time I cut my hair! Time sure does fly. Here's a quick run through of my year.

In Feb, I met a true love, twas not to be. She was lovely, but there was too much for her someplace else. That's okay, because I still really care about her, but I understand what happened. I didn't like it, but whatever. That lasted two months, almost three actually, before I cut all ties. That's the only way to get things done sometimes. Summer started out with that, but ended with me playing the field. It was a good summer, so I can't complain. June is all a blur simply because I was gone almost every day. It was good, but I wouldn't want to do it again. Depression brings binges, though, you know?

So, in July, I remembered who I was and started out with the concert front. I saw quite a few this year, but no as much as last summer. Since Feb. - L.A. Guns, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden (at Ozzfest), Social Distortion, Testament, Megadeth, Dreamtheater, Bamboozle (Catch 22, Kane Hodder [they suck], Armor for Sleep, Boys Night Out, Alkaline Trio, My Chemical Romance), Warped Tour (Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Transplants, a few others I can't recall), Motley Crue (about 20 minutes after we left Warped Tour!!), Danzig, Brides of Destruction, Dropkick Murphys, Gilby Clarke, Marshall Tucker Band, W.A.S.P., Stephen Pearcy, Fozzy, Papa Roach, Skindred, Tesla, Less Than Jake, Velvet Revolver, and Michale Graves. I still got a few more coming up.

Springsteen and Jovi I already have tix to. Got free tix to Hawthorne Heights too, but I dunno about that one. Dropkicks, Bad Religion, Aerosmith, FATA, Coheed & Cambria, H.I.M., and Reel Big Fish are all within a month from now. And this Saturday and Monday, THE MISFITS~! motherfuckers. Its bout to get crazy in this bitch. also, Yngwie, Journey, Collective Soul, Disturbed, Blackmore's Night, and CHILDREN OF BODOM all coming up. It's gonna be good. I'm gonna waste soooo much money.

I am also goin to the Jets/San Diego game in two weeks. it's gonna be brutal but I haven't been to an NFL game in something like 13 years. that was another good part of summer: I got to go to three yankee games this year; vs. seattle, vs. cleveland, and vs. BOSTON. that was a rough one. it was awesome though. also got to go to a few minor leauge baseball games. if you've never been, you must. you just go get plastered and/or act like a jackass. we always cheer for the oppositing team, and it's funny how much people get offended. funny stuff.

uh, what else? band stuff was slow this year. we recorded some more, but it wasn't as strong as the first time. we redid "rescued" though and it sounds killer now. with everyone off at school and stuff, and me not going to school this semester, i'm bored musically. thats why i am now playing bass in a misfits side project. joe is also in a misfits side project which i find humorous as hell because we're not in the same one. it's him, tom montiero, bill gotta, and joey gotta. from what i understand they're playing a show on friday at bill's college (aka the bat mansion from batman forever). free food/drinks/entertainment. it should be good. in any case, i'm still writing but i'm trying to decide what things to contribute to the band and which to keep for something else i got planned.. we'll see..

yeah, that may be it. well, probably not, it's just that i can't remember too much else. working constantly and without a serious girlfriend, i'm much richer. woo hoo. ah well. we'll see ya soon.
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