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please note: this is not intended to be an op-ed piece or anything else of the sort. it has been a long time since i wrote anything for the hell of it. understand that this is merely a simple reaction from someone relatively uninspired, but with a small point to make.

also please note: i wrote some of this when i was drunk, and then edited it when i was drunk again. sorry. but i suppose it doesn't matter. i'm posting this here because i'm fairly sure no one reads this anymore. but in case anyone does, this is the reasoning. the majority was written on 12/21/12

tonight, i got home and simply tried to watch a football game. instead, i was tuned into a "special report" from our president about the events that occurred this weekend. apart from sports, it is rare that i watch television and the main purpose aside from personal enjoyment is a little bit of escapism. i think that rings true for more people than myself, and for most it happens more frequently. i know, it's frivolous to complain about such a thing. it didn't really bother me that much, i just don't want to here it. while i was not pleased, i just turned the tv off rather than complain.

that itself is something i don't think enough people do, but it seems to me that most people have opinions when something like this happens that are rather instantaneous. we saw it with 9/11; how many folks were so gung-ho about going to war and were so embarrassed by the result that they pretend they never were? while it's something of a different sort, a lot of people spout off opinions without researching or understanding the situation

i am not in favor of "gun control" in the sense that citizens are prevented from owning them. but it would be ridiculous to blindly support gun ownership for all or assault weapons for everyone. in new jersey, as well as a few other states, there are state enacted "assault weapon bans" since the federal act that represented such a thing nationally has expired. you cannot purchase automatic or semi-automatic weapons in this state. that doesn't mean you can't still get them.

like in columbine, the weapons used this weekend were not legally owned by their operators. hell, those kids made their own weapons as far as explosives go (and some didn't work). and i can't even believe i'm talking about gun control. it's just pointless. listen, i understand we don't want children, the retarded or mentally ill, or terrorists to have guns. but let's face it: when you're dealing with someone who doesn't think rationally or whose goal is ultimately illegal, nothing will stop those people from breaking the law. weed, cocaine, and heroin are all illegal as can be, but i'm pretty sure i can get anything you need by tomorrow. and i don't even do drugs.

point is, we're in a sticky situation. americans want stricter laws but not at the sacrifice of constitutional rights. people don't want kids to have guns in schools, but some are okay with teachers having guns. some think that by making them illegal, it will stop gun crime altogether (wrong). while it might seem like a black and white issue, it's a pretty close call.

i'll be the first to admit, i know nothing about guns. i'm not a gun enthusiast or a hunter. the only thing close i've fired is a flare gun. but i'll be damned if i'm going to say that no one should be allowed to have them. and i'm even less inclined to say that the only ones who should have them are the military & the police. in that case, we're going down a slippery slope that can end very badly. but it's true that america's fascination with firearms is kind of worrisome. we have a major gun crime issue in this country, but we're also one of the largest, freest countries in the world. more people means more instances of almost everything documentable.

one thing i hope most everybody agrees with is that it's not music, movies, or video games that do this to people. i know plenty of people who love gory movies, violent video games, and listen to music with graphic language. and to the best of my knowledge, none of them have gone on a killing spree. but put them in the hands of someone who is unstable or can't differentiate fantasy from reality, and you may have a problem. but even in these extreme cases, the influence solely from these forms of media have a minimal impact at best. it's just another bunch of bullshit for the media to dedicate an episode of 20/20 on.

so what's the answer? i have no clue at all. but there's a few things i'm positive of. for one, a gun does not have a brain to pull its' own trigger and kill someone. only an operator has that kind of power. and to punish responsible gun owners doesn't seem fair. kind of like when teachers kept you from recess for 5 extra minutes because of two or three assholes who wouldn't shut the hell up in class. except if you missed 5 minutes of recess, it wouldn't be unconstitutional. but those who we must limit access to firearms won't always be swayed from getting their hands on them at one point or another. and there's not a whole lot anyone can do to prevent that, except lock everyone even remotely suspicious and thereby creating an even more slippery slope to life in the states.

i don't have answers. i'll just say that if we all just stopped the bullshit and looked at each other in a little less hostile a light, maybe we wouldn't have these issues. but i'm pretty sure there's no set limit to any amount of bullying, e-bullying, peer pressure or any other media inspired bullshit that could've motivated me to do anything nearly as horrifying as what happened in CT. while we don't all have to be the best of friends, it would be much easier if we weren't all such complete assholes to each other. the internet, social media, and instant gratification of this shitty youtube/twitter generation has made everyone into a "self-educated" critic that always knows what's best instead of offering their opinion in a constructive way. we're all guilty of this, but some just go way too far, without taking any consideration to the real people they may be destroying on the other side of the screen.

in other words, i don't take the internet seriously. if i did, we might all be dead by now.
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